Colectivo Union Membership

Welcome to IBEW Local 494, Wisconsin members of the Colectivo Collective! 

A few important notes before you get started with the Union membership application process:

  1. This is only for Milwaukee and Madison area workers signing up for Union membership. Any Illinois, Chicago area workers should connect with IBEW Local 1220 at or (773) 714-1220. 
  2. There are three (3) online forms that you will need to complete to join membership. You will need to return to this page each time to start the next one.
  3. To ensure that you can benefit from having the initiation fee waived, make sure you signup for membership prior to September 30th, 2023 to avoid a $10 initiation fee in the future. 
  4. Workers who signup for Union membership prior to September 30th, will be eligible for a Colectivo Union t-shirt - head HERE to submit your information for this. 

  1. Select the first grey button "Application / Dues Authorization" to complete your application and dues deduction authorization. Please use your current mailing address on this application.
    • Initiation Fee: (Waived until September 30th, 2023)
    • All further monthly dues payments will be automatically deducted from your check. 
    • Colectivo Union members should sign up as "BA" IBEW members. If you have any questions about "A" membership and what the differences are, feel free to reach out to the Union Hall. 
    • Monthly dues while working under an IBEW Local 494 Colectivo contract are $23 a month, with an additional $15 in "working" dues.
    • If you were to leave Colectivo and are interested in keeping your membership active or to consider other membership options, reach out to your Chief Steward, Steward, Union Rep or the Union Hall prior to your last day.
      • Form Question Answers
        • Classification = Hospitality worker
        • Industry where you are employed = Other
        • Local Union = 494
  2. Return to the "Colectivo Union Membership" landing page.
  3. Then complete the 3nd gray button titled "Union  Authorization Card" - this authorizes IBEW to be your official Union representative. 
  4. Upon submission, your application materials will be reviewed and submitted to the IBEW by Local 494 Membership Coordinator or another member of our Administrative Team.
  5. A week or two following your application submission, you will receive a mailing from Local 494.
  6. Return to the "Colectivo Union Membership" landing page.
  7. New member T-shirt sign-up Google form, in case it was missed above - HERE

Union Application:

Authorization for Representation by the IBEW:

New member T-shirt sign-up Google form, in case it was missed above - HERE

If you have any questions please reach out to:

  • You can email or call (414) 327-5202. 

To learn more about organizing with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) at your workplace:

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