July Update
Posted On: Jul 02, 2020

Well, summer is officially here. Enjoy it.

While the Union was closed to walk-ins, we were fielding an amazing amount of phone calls and emails from members. We have had daily calls about COVID and unemployment. Most of this information is posted on our website for quick access to our members. Please contact us if you have clarifying questions. Ibew494.com.

We have also increased informing members with emails and push notifications through our app. If you’re not on our email list, just call here and have someone update your records. You can download the app from our webpage.

Many members forget to inform us when they move or change their phone number. Please call the office at (414) 327-5202, and we can easily update your file.

The referral office has been, and will continue to, until August 3rd, 2020, take initial book signing by email. Initial signing of the book will only be accepted between the hours of 7:30am and 4:30 pm Monday thru Friday. Starting August 3rd, we will go back to only accepting initial book signing in person.

The referral office will also reinstitute the refusal (strike) policy starting August 3rd, 2020. Which states:

  1. Any regular job referred to someone below you on the Out of Work list is considered a refusal. Registrants will be allowed two refusals without penalty.  Upon a third refusal the applicant will have his/her name removed from the Out of Work list.  Refusals will be monitored for regular calls only. 

      Overtime jobs, specialty work and MRA work will not be considered refusals.

  1. You will only receive one “Refusal” per calendar day.
  2. A “No Rehire” from a contractor will not cause a refusal, but you must bid on the request.
  3. It is up to the member to keep track of his/her “Refusals” – you will not be notified when you are removed from the referral list.

With many locals across the country still closed, we will do Union to Union initial book signing for our members until further notice.

All committee or group meetings (ReNEW, Sisters, EWMC, Motorcycle, PAC, and Retiree) that are normally held here at the hall, have been postponed until further notice.

Members working under the Kurz motor shop agreement, voted to accept a 3 year extension of their working agreement this past month.

The Sound and Communication negotiating committee proposed a 3 year extension to members in late May. Members voted, by secret ballot, not to accept the agreement. The negotiating committee then presented their case to the CIR (Council on Industrial Relations) Interim Committee on June 3rd, 2020. The CIR Interim Committees decision can be found in this Relay.

The new IBEW Local 494 apparel online store is up and running! To purchase any items go to: https://ibew494.itemorder.com/sale . We will be updating, and offering new items every 6 months.

Please remember the Union office will be closed on July 3rd. Please have a happy and safe Independence Day!


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